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Learning how to build a website

When we first met, I saw that there was something special about you. I knew that you could be the person that would bring the best out of me each and every day. Today, you have given me the motivation to learn how to code a website. It may seem silly, but I hope that learning how to develop websites with you will bring us even closer together. I want to be able to help you grow your career beyond what you may have ever thought possible and the best way I can think to do that is to get down in the dirt with you. I launched Made by Millea, your very first official domain, with the hope that it would be the seed you need to start it all. I hope you don’t mind sharing this sandbox for a little while or the mess that I make as I get my hands dirty learning the ins and outs of what you do every day. I am looking forward to learning with you and seeing how far we can go.

Welcome to your very own website,
Love Chris